Energy Efficiency in Pumping Systems

Date : 14/12/2018 (ONE-day Program) Time : 09.30 am to 04.30 pm

Venue : Productivity House, Kalamassery


 Pumps are not the biggest consumers of energy, but they're not the smallest either. A little extra effort in the system design and equipment selection can make a worthwhile difference. Pumps are used widely in Industry to provide cooling and lubrication services, to transfer fluids for processing, and to provide the motive force in hydraulic systems. In fact, most manufacturing plants, commercial buildings, and municipalities rely on pumping systems for their daily operation. In the manufacturing sector, pumps represent 27% of the electricity used by industrial systems.

 Existing pumping systems can provide an excellent opportunity for efficiency improvements, because pump system designs are sometimes difficult to optimize before installation. In addition, design efforts are always focused on minimizing capital costs or the chances of system failure. As a result, energy and maintenance costs may not be fully considered. According to some sources, energy and maintenance costs will account for over 50–95% of pump ownership costs with initial costs less than 15% of pump life cycle costs. Furthermore, industrial pumping systems that have been in operation for a long time may have experienced changes to pumping requirements over their lifetime, as systems move away from their design conditions. Pumping system efficiency improvements of this sort may have simple payback periods of several weeks to a few years.

 The following topics will be covered in this programme.



 v    Basics of Pumping System

v    Selection of Pumps

v    Maintenance and Trouble Shooting of Pumps

v   Energy Efficiency in Surface (Clear Water) & Submersible (Waste Water) Pumps

v    Auditing in Pumping System


 v    The faculty for this programme will be experts from Industry and Consulting. 


 v    Managers, Engineers and Supervisors working in Design, Selection and Maintenance of Pumps.

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