Designing and Implementing a Purposeful Employee Appraisal System

Date : 09/10/2018 (ONE-day Program) Time : 9.30 AM TO 5.00 PM

Venue : Productivity House, H.M.T. Road, Kalamassery.


Business and Industry are facing newer, more strident and unprecedented challenges these days. Besides the market competition that is marauding, whole new issues on the legal and socio-political environments are confronting Organizations. Climatic catastrophes such as the one culminating in the recent massive flood havoc in this part of the country, further highlight the onerous challenges ahead.

Employees, Managers and Workmen alike, are called upon to face the enormous tasks and responsibilities that emerge in this scenario, apart from attending to their routine work. The twin dimensions, ie, routine tasks and the ‘extra miles ‘ to be run, together demand performance not just of an exemplary nature, but of a substantially high order. Needless to say that better performance has to be properly identified and evaluated before  appreciating and   rewarding, so as  to encourage performance that is even better and more consistently so.

Can we therefore, any more afford to justify the absence or name-sake presence of appraisal systems, as is the case in many organizations even now? The conventional approach and method are characterized by the annual ‘form-filling ritual’ mostly used as an eleventh-hour tool to support salary raises and job promotions doled out with minimum objectivity.

How do we measure employee performance during such times of massive transformation? How can we evolve appraisal systems that are wedded to the Organization’s own mission and purpose?

This Workshop hopes to sound a wake-up call to Organizations to do a serious rethink and introspect on their current appraisal methods [or lack of any such method] and evolve effective, purpose-driven systems that respond positively to the current challenges.


Ø  Help the participants, through an interactive process understand what a purpose-driven Appraisal system ought to be.

Ø  Highlight the value of advance planning in Appraisal Systems

Ø  Examine modern methods and some of the critical issues concerning  appraisal by  sharing  live practices in various Companies

Ø  Update them with the essential pre-requisites and techniques of Appraisal.


v  Concept and methods of  Appraisal Systems– evolution, current status and issues

v  Designing  a purpose-driven, Unit specific  appraisal system- what it should and shouldn’t have

v  Performance  appraisal interview/ -common issues faced by the Superior as Counselor

v  Case study, role play, experience-sharing and exercises


?   Shri. R.K. Vijayakrishnan, Corporate HR Consultant and Trainer---Has over three decades of rich and eventful experience of piloting HRM, Training & Development, Industrial Relations, Public Relations and General Administration functions in FACT and Mathrubhumi as General Manager and is now involved full-time institutional training and consultancy activities based at Cochin. Has had advanced training in HRD at Leeds University, UK and at reputed Management Development Institutes in India. He has also extensive experience in assisting implementation of appraisal systems in many organizations.


?     HR Managers and others at senior levels involved in designing and implementing appraisal systems and also Managers/Supervisors at all levels required to set goals and evaluate performance as part of development of their subordinates

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