Domestic Enquiry and Disciplinary Proceedings

Date : 11/07/2019 (ONE-day Program) Time : 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Venue : Productivity House, Kalamassery


The working and progress of any industry depends on the three virtues of efficiency (work), discipline (conduct) and morals (mental attitude) on the part of all those who work in it.  Of these virtues, discipline (i.e. desirable behaviour), particularly on the part of ‘Workmen’ has become a matter of concern for the managers.  While the real discipline comes from within, occasions may arise when it has to be enforced from without.  The former is positive and the latter is negative in content and import.  Managers of men are required to be adept in both aspects, which include philosophy and theories of discipline as well as the industrial jurisprudence in regard to disciplinary procedures, involving too many complexities and technicalities. 

This workshop is designed to acquaint the participants with the technicalities and nuances involved in the administration of discipline and conducting enquiry so that they are better equipped to serve either as Disciplinary authorities or Presenting officers.  If the rules of discipline are administered with accent on promoting positive discipline and if the domestic enquiry, when necessary, is conducted in the right spirit and perspective, it may prove a handmaid of industrial relations and project the image of the management as impartial, just and fair in dealing with its employees, even in case of breach of discipline.


Ø    Discipline in industry

Ø    Legal aspects of disciplinary action

Ø    Domestic Enquiry

Ø    Domestic Enquiry – Principles and Practices

Ø    Role of Enquiry Officer

Ø    Role of Presenting Officer

Ø    Right of delinquent Employee

Ø    Provisions under Standing Orders

Ø    Role Plays & Case Studies 


Ø    HR Managers, Legal Officers, Managers and Executives from any functional areas concerned with the above topic can participate in this programme.


Ø    Faculty for the programme will be Shri A. Sreekumar M.Sc., LLB, former Chief Manager (HR), FACT Ltd. He has more than 40 years ofextensive experience in Disciplinary Proceedings and related matters. Mr. Sreekumar is now a free-lance consultant for Disciplinary Action and for conducting domestic enquiries for various public/private sector organizations. He has functioned as Enquiry Officer in more than 500 Domestic Enquiries.

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