Staffs Members

Sl. No. Name Designation Phone Email Resume
1 G. Sivakumar Director General 9847015362  View
2 A.P. Jose Director 9447105954  View
3 K.M. Shanavaz Joint Director 9447816767  View
4 Sriram A Deputy Director 09633808336  View
5 Arjun K.N. Assistant Director 9809071410  View
6 Vivek N. Unni Assistant Director 9495511822  View
7 Ajin Paul Assistant Director 8089217164   
8 L.Remadevi Administrative Officer 0484-2555526   
9 Dhanya C.V. Sr. Administrative Assistant 0484-2555367   
10 Vishnu Sivan Accounts Assistant 0484-2555526   
11 Athul Raj Consultant Engineer (Trainee) 0484-2555526   
12 Vishnu T.R. Consultant Engineer (Trainee) 0484-2555526   
13 Rohan John Mathew Consultant Engineer (Trainee) 0484-2555526   
14 Naveen Anil Consultant Engineer (Trainee) 0484-2555526   
15 Akhil A Consultant Engineer (Trainee) 0484-2555526   
16 Arjun T.A. Consultant Engineer (Trainee) 0484-2555526   
17 Ayyappan K. Office Attender 0484-2555526   

Empanelled External Resources

In our consistent objective to deliver more value to our clients by getting to the real issues and offering practical recommendations, we have developed bench mark expertise in the realm of Industrial Engineering, Energy Management, Human Resources Development, Health Safety and Environment Management and Quality system procedures by empanelling a team of external experts to support KSPC team. These experts are chosen from Industries/ Academia/Consultants with wide experience in their areas of specialization.

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